Pep Talk for Game of Thrones Season 4

23 Mar

Many people are anxiously awaiting the start of baseball season next week. But I’ve been counting down the days until Game of Thrones Season 4. Incidentally anyone who criticizes me for being a huge geek because I choose to get excited about a fantasy series rather than sports, better not be a Cubs fan. Because if you think the Cubs will ever not be terrible, you inhabit a fantasy land more detached from reality than Westeros.

Got cast

For anyone who hasn’t read the books it seems kind of pointless to continue on with the show because the character you liked the most is probably dead. The shock of The Red Wedding crushed more than a couple people I know and they’re willing to give up on the show altogether because it seems like only the good people die in Westeros. First off let me say that the Red Wedding was one of the greatest moments in television and didn’t take place purely for shock value, it’s important to the long term story but you have to stay tuned to find out why (or read the books). While it’s easy to dwell on all the dark depressing stuff in Game of Thrones, I want to take an opportunity to highlight some other things about season 4 that (hopefully) viewers can look forward to. Although I have read the books I won’t be spoiling anything, these are more like teasers and interpretations based on what the show has already set up. Let’s get psyched for Season four.

Thinking that only the good people die in Westeros is wrong, everybody dies! And eventually death’s sickle will swing toward the bad characters too. At least two people who you absolutely hate are going to die and their deaths will be messy.

Let’s also not forget that dying doesn’t always equal death, there are at least 2 ways the dead can return. One is to become reanimated as a White Walker. The other is to be resurrected by R’hllor the Lord of Light. As we’ve seen with the Red Priest Thoros bringing back Beric Dondarrion from the dead. One of your favorite deceased characters may come back in one form or another.

While the Red Wedding was the climax of season 3, we’re not done with weddings yet and there’s at least two more. Upon being rewarded lands and titles for him and his children, Little Finger remarked that he’d have to get busy with the having children part. He plans on getting married and has left King’s Landing, courting a bride is defiantly on his itinerary.

By the old gods and the new let’s not forget about King Joffrey’s wedding, sure to be the biggest social and political event in Westeros. This has earned the nickname “The Purple Wedding” and you’ll have to watch it to find out why.

Jamie Lannister is showing that it is possible for people to change. He has made it back to the Capitol, but he’s now missing his right hand. His skill with a sword made him who he was and deprived of his fighting hand how will others see him, how will his father see him, how will Cersei treat him? Last season showed us that Jamie wasn’t as bad as we thought but will he stay that way or will Cersei temp him back toward his old ways?

House Stark

Some of the Starks are still alive. Youngest son Rickon is in hiding with the Wildling, Osha so he’s out, but the other 3 are still in the game. Sansa Stark is clearly a victim but her time in King’s Landing has provided her an opportunity to see the heaviest political players jockey for power. Being married to Tyrion she’s now in a prime spot to see how the best people play the Game of Thrones, she’s a strategist in the making. I really like Sansa because unlike the other strong female characters Sansa is still very feminine, she thinks and behaves adhering to what people in that world think a lady should be like, people underestimate her and she doesn’t know it.

Bran Stark may be crippled but he’s walked as a wolf, and as Hodor, and dreams of the future and he hasn’t even found the three eyed raven yet. There’s many references to “The Old Gods” but they’re a big mystery. We’re going to learn a lot more about the old powers through Bran as he heads North.

Arya is awesome she has the clearest goal of anyone, to kill people on her hit-list. But she’s been held back again and again by those she cares about. Now everybody she’s ever cared about has left her or died she has no reason to stay put. With a foreign coin and the magic words “Valar Morghulis” she can get a ride to Braavos to train with the faceless man. Only Sandor Clegane stands in her way and he’s on her list. The time for Arya to go to assassin school has never been better.


The best reason to watch season four is FUCKING DRAGONS! They’re huge now and their mother Daenerys has the urge to go beyond conquest and actually rule as a queen. While her military skills have served her extremely well, to actually be a fair and just monarch is a completely new experience for her. Dragon’s are great on the battlefield but serve little use in royal council chambers then again a well spoken “Dracarys” could easily solve a political negotiation. We all want her to be a great queen but now is the time we get to see how Daenerys will rule.

See it isn’t all murder and death and violence and nudity and sex and betrayal and rape and war and slavery and other such fucked up shit, that’s only like 97% of Game of Thrones. There’s positive stuff in there to if you look for it, so get stoked up and set the DVR, the season starts April 6th.

Carl Wells


3 Responses to “Pep Talk for Game of Thrones Season 4”

  1. patricksponaugle March 24, 2014 at 9:54 am #

    You’ve convinced me! I’m now ready for Season Four!

    (Full disclosure, I’ve been ready for Season Four since the end of Mhysa in Season 3. But EXCELLENT overview leading in to the next season. Great post!)

    • rckosml March 24, 2014 at 1:04 pm #

      Thank you, (Full disclosure, I like all the violence, sex, and dark themes in the show but figured it would be a nice change of pace to bring some attention to the lighter elements.)

      • patricksponaugle March 24, 2014 at 9:23 pm #

        Solid idea. There’s a lot of bad things that happen, but a fair amount of good (and bad things do happen to the bad guys occasionally, which is a nice balance)

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