Stupid Opinion About Tv Shows Ending and Beginning

30 Sep

In 1961 the Chairman of the FCC famously said tv “is a vast wasteland”. I’ve always agreed with that statement but knew that if you looked for the exceptions really hard, every now and then you’ll run across a jewel of a tv show. Last night the Hope Diamond of TV shows, Breaking Bad came to an end, and what an end it was. There’s a million things being said about the finale today but for me the loss is still to near and I can’t express how masterfully crafted and unforgettable that show was. It is like delivering a eulogy the day after someone died, I need more time. For now I’ll say the best tv show ever, period, ended in a way most great shows don’t. By being true to itself and obeying the same rules that made people love it in the first place. Now that there is a huge vacuum where Breaking Bad sat, what else is there to look forward to watching in weekly installments? Not much.


Last Month The new season of Boardwalk Empire started and I haven’t watched any of it. I just think that last season it got too extreme, bombings on the boardwalk and Nucky just got into such an inescapable position and I realized this show isn’t going anywhere or building to anything like I thought it was. They’re just constantly reassembling the characters into various gangster scenarios. That way there’s always a reason for them to flaunt graphic violence and nudity in their detailed reproductions of prohibition era New Jersey. That’s still decent entertainment so I’ll probably wait a few more weeks then Binge watch all the episodes recorded on my DVR. But my suggestion to HBO is to give Nucky and friends each a clear long term goal other than making money via criminal activities.

Always Sunny in Philadelphia has also started their new season. I love it when this show has the characters be so mean and cruel to each other but it is still somehow acceptable for us to laugh at them. While the first episode had this quality, it was hilarious and disturbing in their build up of Sweet Dee’s success only to tear her back down again. But like most funny shows who reach their 9th season it is hard to repeat that flavor of comedy every time without also repeating past storylines. So I get that they’re not all going to be winners at this point. At least they always try to do something new, what I’d like to see is less doing stuff just because it is weird and having the story driven by unexplained randomness like Frank in his underwear at a playground for no reason. I’d also like to see more of the bit characters like, Artemis, The McPoyles, and Mac’s mom.  I just hope the next episode isn’t called “The Gang Disappoints Carl…Again”.

South Park

I wasn’t terribly happy with the South Park season opener, my favorite character Butters was funny a couple times but the rest was sub-par. Now I say this as a huge fan of Matt Stone and Trey Parker. I’ve loved South Park since I was in high school, (has it been that long? Yeesh). I’ve seen all their movies, by the way the Director Commentary on Cannibal the Musical is funnier than the movie. I’m even seeing The Book of Mormon again this fall. These guys are geniuses but South Park is headed downhill. I think I know why. The format of each show is centered around one topic and if that topic isn’t funny in the first 5 minutes it won’t be funny in the rest of the show. So they need to pick better topics and why I can’t say how to do this I can say how not to. Stop picking current events from the news as the main point of every show. Make a couple funny references about current affairs but the bigger story could be about anything else. Also keep making 3 part stories, like the Time Child a.k.a. Go God Go and Imaginationland they’re more creative and epic, like miniature movies. There’s a lot left in their season so I’m still optimistic.

The Walking Dead starts again soon and I don’t care, I’m through with that show. While they were busy killing all the characters we wanted to die like Lori they killed all the ones people liked too, until the only interesting and complicated character left was Andrea, then you killed her, with an empty death at that. She should’ve gone down guns blazing. And why in the hell is The Governor still alive?  Also having Rick haunted by the ghost of his dead wife is too much, you can have a drama about zombies or about ghosts, not both. This show veered way off the track when they kept trying too hard to be about dramatic emotional melodrama i.e. “Maybe Dad knew I had to keep the fish and you had to throw them back” . This is a horror show, make it about scaring people while Glenn perfectly spouts corny lines for comic relief “Wait…He was an organ donor”. But I’m through waiting for that to happen, R.I.P Walking Dead.

Guess I can always take comfort in the looser format talk shows to provide some good tv, like The Daily Show, Real Time with Bill Maher, and the best late night talk show going right now Craig Ferguson. But if there’s anything else I should be watching right now, I’m open to suggestions.

Carl Wells


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