5 Things More Interesting Than Robots Fighting in Pacific Rim

19 Jul

The general consensus is Pacific Rim is no Grown Ups 2, but, thankfully, it also isn’t Grown Ups 2. Here’s what I know for sure after watching the movie: There are giant robots fighting giant monsters in the loudest possible way. The film doesn’t shut the door on Del Toro as genius filmmaker, but it also isn’t kicking it down either. He’s bought himself another round, there’s a reprise from a verdict once again.  Unless he’s got another Pan’s Labyrinth in the pipeline that will be so good people will go back and give this film a second chance, I’m willing to bet that history will not be kind to this movie.  These 5 things glossed over at the cost of more giant robots v. monsters action would nudge Pacific Rim’s auteur director toward the cinematic wizards:


5. The mind melding – Sharing a mind with someone is incredible. This single plot device would single-handedly put an end to all marriage counseling, divorce rates, and, to be fair, probably marriages as well, would drop to zero. Yet, there was really no extra room in the movie for anything more than some choreographed walking and one barely necessary flashback.

4. Speaking of choreographed walking, that would’ve been a nice visual reference point for all of the overstimulation of every single robot fight. Even when it was simple one on one combat, I completely lost track of everything that was happening. But seeing the actors dancing together while their suits lit up in unison might have at least given me a clue how the battle was shaping up. Plus, I’m always a fan of watching people play Dance Dance Revolution at the mall.

3. More kids – this is where Del Toro shines the most; putting kids in great situations and then getting great performances out of them. I think he dropped out of The Hobbit after realizing the dwarves and hobbits weren’t children at all. The kid’s scene was the best realized scene in the movie, unfortunately it was barely necessary in the scope of robots punching and wading in megatropolis’ harbors.


2. Creature Establishing shots – The other thing Del Toro is crack at is creature design. He and his team do a great job of bringing imagination to the screen. But if you asked me what one of these creatures looked like all I could respond with would be, “They had like glowing eyes and Alien meets Avatar tongues and one of them had like a shark head or something. Oh, and one spit electric acid.”  The monster money shot in Pan’s Labyrinth was set up perfectly because there was some good study time of the monster before it was set in motion. Not in this film, the fight scenes were just loud noises and bright colors.

1. More of the opening montage – There was so much gold in the opening exposition scenes that it may have raised the expectations too high. The first monster, pilot heroes, crazy Asian talk shows and the utter destruction the beasts caused. Overall, this just shows the limitations of blockbusters when compared to long form television shows. The world created in this film was interesting enough for a series, but with all money spent on loud noises and punchy robots this whole world was mortgaged for two-hours in an air-conditioned theater.



2 Responses to “5 Things More Interesting Than Robots Fighting in Pacific Rim”

  1. Carl Wells July 20, 2013 at 1:52 pm #

    Opinions are going all over the place with this movie. I’m kind of rooting for it because it is the only big summer movie that’s not a sequel or comic book movie. I still want to see it figuring it can’t be as bad as anything Transformers.

    • ccharlesconfidential July 25, 2013 at 4:36 pm #

      Here’s the thing, Carl, it’s not even that original of a movie. It’s just a live action Gundam or CGI Power Rangers movie. Don’t be fooled that there isn’t an official property that it’s adapted from, doesn’t meant that it is an original idea.

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