Unorganized Stupid Opinions About Game of Thrones and Mad Men

16 Apr

WARNING TO Angela, Caitie, Carl, and Ester: Even though I’m fairly confident you are the only people who will read this, I still feel obligated to say I will be SPOILING a few plot points in this discussion of these fictional dramas. So, if you’re a season or two behind or are using shaman like will power to wait until the end of the season to gorge yourself on everything at once, please click on one of the other 38 stupid opinions.


The whole winter I’ve been sitting and waiting for an hour-long drama to bring meaning back to my life. I got involved with Downton Abbey solely to fill the hour-long hole in my heart, but now both Mad Men and Game of Thrones are on and my heart is bursting with joy. And thanks to Man Men’s two hour long premiere, the arbitrarily numbered episodes both aired the third episode of the season last Sunday night.  Which is more than enough master-crafted moving images to discuss some stupid opinions about them.

-Both of the shows used very similar mother guilt with the mom Lady Stark and Megan. They both felt/feel super guilty for wishing that babies die. John Snow didn’t die, but Lady Stark still couldn’t keep her end of the bargain and is racked with guilt over not loving the bastard, and if that is a template for women’s feelings it will be interesting to see how Megan reacts in upcoming episodes. She seems to have calmed down with some laser focused attention from Don and his understanding and openness to the situation. Luckily she won’t be in the same shoes as Lady Stark being forced to daily be reminded of her husband’s infidelities, the wool is still drapered (horrible pun intended) extra tight over her eyes. If the idea stick with her, she might make the association with her future acting success and each time her star starts to shine a little brighter, she’ll remember the time she wished that her unborn baby was dead and then it died, but she could also take a page from Don’s playbook and fail to make that association.

-Which speaking of Don’s playbook, we got a good solid look at it in this last episode. The dinner alone with his mistress was something like a thesis of his philosophy, which boiled down to; you can’t enjoy the moment, if you’re worried about anything other than what is right in front of you. Those are his broad strokes on his canvas, and his detail work is full of looking at his wife as “good company” and justifying affairs with abstract terms like “drifting apart.” I’m mixing metaphors here, but the moral and philosophical hoops Don must mentally jump through and the deftness in which he does takes both the athletic prowess of playbooks and artistic beauty of a painter at a canvas. Don’s internal life must be a ballet of mental strength and beauty in which he takes a bow to a resounding standing ovation every time he gets exactly what he wants. And in Don’s world, getting exactly what he wants is the standard, not the acceptation.


-Speaking of getting exactly what someone wants, Jaime Lannister got a very rude awaking on that front. Lord knows that karma doesn’t exist in the realm of Westeros, but losing a hand could be the closest thing to it. It was fitting that he lost his hand, for all the times he evoked his father’s name, or did just as he pleased for no other reason than he wanted to. Even if it was cosmically equal, losing a hand seems particularly harsh for man who backs up all of his arrogance by welding a deathly blade, especially those first few frames after it was severed when we could see his arm trying to move the hand that just sat motionless on the table. Chilling. That, and after teasing us with a brief battle between Jaime and Brienne of Tarth, we’ll never see a true battle between the two of them, but getting something that the viewer wants is definitely not how Game of Thrones operates. And this is the big difference between the two shows, the joy of watching Mad Men comes from seeing how Don Draper gets every thing that he wants and all of the mental gymnastics and semantic massaging he does to get it. While Game of Thrones never gives the audience a chance to even find a surrogate to latch on to. There are so many characters and the formula for GoT is so well established, that the best I can hope for when I like a character is that their storyline will be neglected for a few weeks before returning to have something horrific happen to them. It’s an emotional horror show, while Mad Men is a cathartic look at the best way to be the worst person ever. Both things that were vitally missed during the cold dark winter months.

C. Charles


Edited to correct the title from Unorganized Stupid Opinions About Game of Thrones and Man Men t0 Unorganized Stupid Opinions About Game of Thrones and Mad Men


4 Responses to “Unorganized Stupid Opinions About Game of Thrones and Mad Men”

  1. ccharlesconfidential April 16, 2013 at 2:12 pm #

    Oops, I over-estimated, we only have 28 other stupid opinions you can check out

    • Carl Wells April 16, 2013 at 10:58 pm #

      It is nice to have good dramas back on TV. I didn’t think GoT would go there with Jaime. They’ve been slowly prying the story away from the books and I thought they’d leave his hand intact because it would be too much for the audience. Glad they weren’t shy about it hopefully it is a sign that other fan favorite moments won’t be left out.

  2. goldencitybrewery April 19, 2013 at 4:19 am #

    Do you read Andy Greenwald’s reviews on Grantland? The thing I love about them is that he is so blatantly honest about not having read the books or ever intending to read the books. He likes GoT for what it is as a TV show and doesn’t want to be bothered with those pesky words, words, words. After watching the show, I really want to read the books. BUT at this point, I think I have seen too much. I like the show too much to ruin it for myself by reading the books. I feel like I wouldn’t want to read the books until after the series is completely finished, but at that point, I don’t know if I’d even want to read them since none of the shock value will be there like it is each week on TV. What are your thoughts on the books vs. TV show?

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