The Most Pointless Collection of Links on the Internet

22 Feb

This week I rediscovered an old email account that was connected to some abandoned project that I was confident would be the rage of the internet. Upon finding this account I discovered over a thousand emails set up to alert me to the daily coming and goings on the webpage. And lo and behold after clicking through a random sampling it turned out that the most popular day of that world shattering collection was. . . eight.

So, now I’m convinced that nobody reads anything on the internet if it isn’t on Grantland. This week I’m giving you a collection of links that are guaranteed to continue to rot away in anonymity while the rest of the world is tracking daily content of the crossroads between pop culture and sports brought to the world by the Disney Sports arm of the internet.

Everyone knows Busta, but nobody will ever know unless someone uses the Hollywood Prospectus to compare Busta to Buddy Lembeck.

I wonder if Bill Simmons is really like Truman Show-esque person adopted by Disney as an infant and they’ve implanted every Boston Celtics memory in his head.

Well, if you disagree that nothing is read on the internet, and fear someone reading something you don’t want seen. Here’s a good compilation of how to get read of an online identity.

Here’s an excellent story about an excellent DJ who got everyone interested in something that never existed, the exact opposite problem I’m having


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