All Star Basketball and All Star Directors Links: 2-8-13

8 Feb

All-Star weekend is right around the corner when all the NBA brightest, most-loved players and Dwight Howard share a weekend together. And since the celluloid doesn’t have the equivalent of a Dunk Contest or 3-Point shoot out, I figured I’d combine the two in this weeks links.

– I’m down with any All Star team that leaves the most selfish player at home eating cereal with is VJ wife.

– The Master is no Boogie Nights, but it’s PTA, come on.

– For people not following the NBA, here’s a list of all the players, ranked in order of how great their names are.

– Christopher Nolan has so much power in the film industry, he can walk in to Criterion’s office and start making demands.

– Not pro ball, but the best clip I’ve seen in slightly for ever. Watched it 40 times yesterday.

– As much as he’s right, I really disagree with his opinion on the future of cinema, I think.

C. Charles


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